Relevance to Global Change and Sustainability

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Главная/Relevance to Global Change and Sustainability

Relevance to Global Change and Sustainability

Relevance to Policy Processes and Sustainability
The project is linked with the following programs and policies of international level:
  1. "Regions of Russia and UN sustainable development goals" the main objective of the programme is to ensure the participation of Russian regions in international projects based on regional initiatives in the global dimension, which are necessary for the growth of economic, intellectual and spiritual potential
  2. “Climate Doctrine of the Russian Federation” Approved in 2015 and recommended to public authorities for implementing policies on issues related to possible global and regional climate change and its impacts
  3. «Mongolia Sustainable Development Vision 2030». One of the programme objectives is to establish national capacity to cope with climate change, and strengthen the system to prevent from meteorological hazard and natural disaster risks.
  4. "Sustainable Development of Altai Territories in the Transboundary Space" The aim of the programme is to create models and technologies for the sustainable development of Altai as a region of cross-border cooperation using the potential universities, scientific organizations and interacting with key stakeholders
The results of the project will be disseminate through workshops and consultations with representatives of the International Coordinating Council "Our Common Home - Altai" - a permanent association of public authorities, civil society and scientists of the transborder Altai
Relevance to Scientific Capacity Development for Global Change Research
As society has become aware of the critical importance of global climate change and the environment for the quality of life and prospects for socio-economic development, interdisciplinary research on these issues has become one of the most actively developing directions of modern science. 

This project based on interdisciplinary methodology including field surveys and community discussions coupled with desk study using remote sensing, hydrological modelling and social-economic risk assesement will result in a comprehensive picture of the hazard exposure and the susceptibility of downstream vulnerable communities. 

The findings will be a good base for the policy makers and planners to adopt feasible interventions and safety measures or mitigation in other mountain regions.The project will contribute in getting young researchers and students interested in our research and open the possibility for them to be trained in the use of GIS analysis and environmental auditing for estimates of regional climate-related hazard. 

The knowledge gained during the project our know-how and experience in studying the Altai GLOF problem and its impact on socio-economic and ecological systems will be shared among all stakeholders in Russia, Mongolia and China. Based on the exchange of know-how, the early warning system can be improved and risk management in potencial glof-prone sites can be significantly improved.
Relationship with Global Change Programmes and Networks
The project is planned to be implemented in close cooperation with regional and international organizations working in the framework of Global Change Programmes.
On parity principles we will establish a mutually beneficial exchange of necessary information and geodata with the federal scientific network "Geomonitoring" (Program "Climate Change: causes, risks, consequences, problems of adaptation and regulation").
Special emphasis will be placed on building information and consultative dialogues with key implementers of completed and ongoing projects of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and Regional GLOF Risk Reduction Initiative.
Collaboration with the Global Climate Change Research Network (GCCRN), SecNet, the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) will update existing climate databases for the research area and provide access to analytical information.
The GIS mapping data of the Altai glaciers will be sent to the World Glacier monitoring service (WGMS) and GLIMS (Global Land Ice Measurements from Space).
The hazard assessment of the Altai glacial lakes will be carried out in accordance with Technical Guidance Document for the Assessment of Glacier and Permafrost Hazards in Mountain Regions developed by GAPHAZ
Related Research Works
Disaster prevention is an important element of the sustainable development strategy, and therefore the study of the phenomenon of GLOFs is receiving a lot of attention from governmental and interstate organizations of the Asian-Pacific region.
The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) undertook the project “Inventory of Glaciers and Glacial Lakes and the Identification of Potential Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) Affected by Global Warming in the Mountains of India, Pakistan and China/Tibet Autonomous Region”.
ICIMOD signed the contract with the Asia - Pacific Network for Global Change” (APN) in May 2002 and with START in July 2002 to carryout the APN Project 2002-15. In continuation of this, ICIMOD implemented project APN 2003-5 in the year 2003/04, and project APN 2004-03-CMY in the year 2004/05. The main purpose of the Project was to assess the threat from glacial lakes and to highlight those where GLOF events are likely to occur and cause serous damage to human life and property of India, Pakistan and China.

Recognizing these vulnerabilities and the need to be more sensitive to the GLOF risks, United Nations Development Programme assisted the preparation of National Adaptation Programme of Action, In 2006 Bhutan implemented the first project funded by the Least developed Countries fund on Climate Change Adaptation titled “Reducing climate change induced risks and vulnerabilities from glacial lake outburst floods in the Punakha, Wangdue and Chamkhar Valleys”.

The project “Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Risk Reduction in the Himalayas” (2008-2009) funded by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid departments Disaster 
Preparedness Programme and the UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, aimed to address risks posed by GLOFs in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya region comprising Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan through strengthening non-structural and community-based approaches. In addition, the project provided an opportunity for networking among practitioners from a range of disciplines, including climate change, disaster risk management (DRM), environment and development planning to ensure more effective and enhanced knowledge sharing. 

The project directly benefited communities and counterpart institutions working at local, national and regional levels on DRM, land-use and development planning, environment, water and energy management.
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Сайт просто супер. Ребята молодцы, делают свою работу на высоком уровне. Товары всегда новые, цены вполне доступные. Часто проводятся скидки, акции, что особо радует :) Буду рекомендовать всем друзьям и близким.
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